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Ashley’s Baby Shower Cake

20 May

Nancy’s daughter and Leo’s aunt Ashley is expecting a little one this summer.  This cake has a lot of firsts: my first stacked cake, my first time making fondant flowers, my first fondant covered Rice Krispie treat figures.  The cake is based loosely on the nursery bedding – a charming quilted pattern of owls and trees and flowers and polka dots.

Three tiers of strawberry cake with cream cheese buttercream.  All of the decorations are fondant.  Congratulations Ashley!

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Happy Birthday to Me!

10 May

My birthday was almost a month ago.   30 days to celebrate turning 30.  Every weekend for the past 4 weeks or so has had a portion of a day dedicated to celebrating with different friends and family, in Cayman and here in Philadelphia.  Dinners, balloons and champagne.  A gloriously massive chocolate cake with chocolate mousse and chocolate ganache, cookies, lemon cake and more.

To cap off the birthday month I made a cake of my own. A cake to celebrate my birthday, a day I share with Joey Lawrence and my dear friend Drea.    Drea and I share a great many things: a birthday, a middle name and a love of Terry Gross to name a few.  Drea loves fruit in her desserts, I love a layer cake.  We both love Mexican dresses – our 2012 birthday cake was born.

Vanilla Cake with Vanilla Mousseline Buttercream and Strawberry Rhubarb Compote.

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Eilidh’s Birthday Cake

28 Mar

This cake was for one of my favorite friends.  The incredibly chic mom of the coolest kid in Philadelphia.  Lemon Ricotta Cake with Lemon Curd and Vanilla Buttercream.  The cake is based on Giada De Laurentiis’ Orange Ricotta Pound Cake.

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Star Wars Cookies

17 Feb

I have a confession:  I haven’t seen any of the Star Wars movies.  I don’t really know why. We watched a lot of musicals in our house.  Is that an explanation or just another strange confession?

Couple that fact with the reality that this was my first large custom cookie order and I had a fair amount of anxiety about making them.   For the most part I am very pleased with the results, I know that cookies number 55 – 60 were better than the first few, but that is to be expected.  I learnt a lot.  Which is probably my favorite part of any custom order.

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Malted Chocolate Buttercream

19 Jan

This buttercream served as the filling and topping for the Obey Giant Cake post from earlier today.  My Mom has been marching around my mind lately, in addition to adoring chickpeas, she love, love, loves chocolate malt balls.  I should just call this recipe Lori’s Buttercream.  The addition of crushed chocolate malt balls seals the deal.  This buttercream is fantastic.

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The Last Piece of Birthday Cake

19 Dec

Mama:  “How old are you Isabella?”

Bella: “FOURTEEN!”

My stomach drops when she declares that she is a teenager.   I thought it was a fluke but she says it every time I ask.  I examine her closely to make she that she isn’t in fact fourteen, she is growing up so quickly after all, perhaps twelve years flew past while we slept.  Then she hops “like a froggy” over to her toy basket, exclaims that it is Bert and Ernie’s nap time, takes them, a pillow and a blanket into the kitchen and tucks them in.  Phew, she is still two.

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Shortbread with Dulce de Leche & Chocolate Ganache

1 Nov

We live in an incredible neighborhood in Philadelphia; Northern Liberties. We moved here when Bells was 5 months old search of more space and a family friendly vibe.  Boy, did we hit the jackpot.  There are tons of young families, great independent businesses (most owned and operated by residents), and incredibly kind and helpful people.

Northern Liberties residents are engaged in the neighborhood.   Neighbors have organized weekly kids concerts, independent movie nights and rib cook offs.  Most of these events take place in the neighborhood owned and maintained park, Liberty Lands. Bella and I spend time at Liberty Lands nearly every day.  It is a beautiful space; filled with jungle gyms, trees, flowers and community garden plots. It is truly a community park, owned by the neighborhood and maintained by the residents.

Sunday was the annual Fall Festival.  The snow melted, the weather was gorgeous.  There was pumpkin and face painting, hot cider, a moon bounce, dozens of children in adorable costumes.  There was also a bake sale.  I made these little shortbread candy bars.  They are basically a Twix bar kicked up a notch or two.  Crunchy, buttery shortbread, topped with sweet dulce de leche and creamy dark chocolate ganache.

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