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Beautiful British Columbia

2 Aug

Bells and I have spent the last week visiting my parents and grandmother in Crescent Beach.  I spent my summers up here as a kid and it is great to be here with my own little one.  Between trips to the beach to look for crabs and blowing bubbles we have been cooking.  My father and grandmother are world-class cooks.  The more I cook, the more I learn, the more I call on their knowledge.  It is rare that we are all in the same place, so to be able to cook and eat with them every night has been a real treat.  It doesn’t hurt that British Columbia has some of the finest produce and seafood in the world.  I am too pre-occupied thinking about the big meal we are cooking tonight to welcome my aunt – halibut with tomato & caper jam, panzanella salad, blueberry pie with ice cream – to write out the techniques and recipes but they will follow over the next few weeks.  Happy summer!

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