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Coconut Cake

28 Aug

So, I guess I took the summer off blogging.  I didn’t really intend to, it just kind of happened.  Between being back at work, figuring out Bella’s daycare routine and spending every unplanned moment outside soaking up the summer I have ignored this space.  And I miss it.  So this is me, dipping my toe back in the water of the blogging world.  I am officially the baker of an adorable local restaurant around the corner from my house. I am churning out Southern influenced layer cakes, seasonal pies, cobblers and dozens and dozens of biscuits to hungry Philadelphians a few days a week.  Cakes like this one.   Coconut layer cake, each layer soaked with coconut water with coconut caramel and coconut moussline buttercream.  This particular cake was made for my little family.  The sweet bite to finish up lazy Sunday supper outside.

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