Nana’s Potato Salad

16 May

I have been busy lately, leading me to neglect this little blog of mine.  Even though it has been a few weeks since our return to Philadelphia from Cayman, I still have a carry-on that I haven’t unpacked.  My little lady has been a whirlwind, coloring and singing and running and swinging and dancing through each day.  I can barely keep up with her.  She is reaching higher, talking faster and getting stronger every single minute.  I found a new tooth today – a big molar, it looked so grown up in her little mouth.  In and amongst all of these changes is another pretty big one:  I will be baking a few days a week at a wonderful little place around the corner from our home, literally 3 minutes from door to door.  I am nervous and excited and I start tomorrow.

But before tomorrow there is tonight and tonight we are having a summer supper.  Barbecue chicken, green beans with tomatoes and my Nana’s potato salad.  I really like all kinds of potato salad but this simple version, made up of not much more than a handful of ingredients, is my very favorite.


Nana’s Potato Salad – Serves 2

4 small potatoes or 2 large, scrubbed, diced and boiled until just tender

2 boiled eggs, cooled peeled and sliced

1/4 cup of mayonnaise

Celery Salt

Black pepper

Scallions and Parsley

Combine the potatoes and scallions add 1/2 of the mayonnaise and toss, add more if desired.  Season with celery salt and pepper, toss well.  Lay the slices of eggs on top and garnish with additional scallions and parsley


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