When life hands you chocolate cake crumbs…

7 Dec

Make chocolate pudding.  And layer it all together in a pretty glass.  Devour.

This morning’s post detailed the many attempts it took to make a simple chocolate cake.  The fist cake was delicious but came out in scraps.  I was still in good mood (I had yet to mess up the second cake), so I made a batch of chocolate pudding.  Voilà!  A Chocolate Parfait!

This chocolate pudding is perfect.  Once, when we had to give Isabella horrible tasting antibiotics three times a day for ten days, she ate this chocolate pudding, laced with antibiotics, for breakfast, lunch and dinner.   You should have seen the look on her face when I tried to serve her chicken, brown rice and broccoli.

Chocolate Pudding

2 cups milk (I generally have 1% on hand, the more fat, the more luscious the pudding)

1/2 cup sugar

1/3 cup cocoa powder

3 teaspoons cornstarch

3 egg yolks

2 teaspoons vanilla extract

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/4 cup dark chocolate, 60%

2 tablespoons butter

Combine the milk, sugar and cocoa powder in a medium-sized pot.  Bring to a simmer and whisk to combine.  In a medium bowl whisk together the eggs, cornstarch, salt and vanilla.  Once the milk mixture has come to a boil and everything has dissolved, remove from the heat.  Add 1/4 of the hot milk mixture to the eggs.  Whisk well to combine.  Add the whole egg/milk mixture back into the pot.  Over medium heat whisk constantly, getting the edges and corners of the pot.  Whisk until the mixture thickens and come to a boil.  Remove from the heat and strain through a fine mesh sieve into a bowl. Add the chocolate and butter and mix until both have melted and the mixture is thick, shiny and you have a hard time resisting dunking your finger in the bowl.   Cover with plastic wrap, pressing the plastic against the surface of the pudding.  Peel back the plastic wrap and dip your finger into the bowl, lick.  Replace plastic wrap.  Refrigerate until cold – 3 hours.


Layer pudding and cake in a bowl, cup or glass. Enjoy!


One Response to “When life hands you chocolate cake crumbs…”

  1. F. December 8, 2011 at 6:51 am #

    I may bake a cake JUST to have this pudding…

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