Coconut Milk

8 Nov

This is the first time that I have made coconut milk at home.  I grew up watching my father make it.  The sound of him cracking open coconuts is what drags me out of bed on Christmas morning to help him with the cooking.  The canned variety has nothing on the coconut milk above.  This coconut milk is lighter and more flavorful.  An added bonus?  The smell of rice and peas simmering in fresh coconut milk made our apartment smell like my parents house on Christmas morning.

Coconut Milk

1 Coconut

1 cup warm water

Find the soft eye of the coconut and pierce it with a metal skewer/screw driver/drill bit. Drain out the coconut water and reserve.  Open the coconut.  My father manages to do this with a couple well places thwacks with the back of a machete.  I used a 10 inch chefs knife, a rolling-pin and the concrete sidewalk outside of our apartment. Separate the flesh of the coconut from the shell and cut into small pieces.

Add the coconut water and coconut flesh to the blender.  Add 1/2 a cup of the warm water and blend on high, adding more water as needed until the whole mixture is the same finely shredded consistency with some liquid, but not soupy.

Transfer the whole mixture into a fine mesh strainer.   Using a wooden spoon push the pulp against the strainer, extract as much liquid as possible.  Use within 24 hours of making. Enjoy!


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