Porch Party!

7 Aug

One of my family’s most treasured Crescent Beach traditions is The Porch Party.  We gather at my Nana’s house around sunset.  We sit on the porch and drink a glass (or three) of crisp white wine or tall, icy gin and tonics and feast on plates of vegetable, cheeses, meats and fruit.  Sometimes we make guacamole, salmon “pate” or creamy dips, like a dill dip for vegetables or shrimp tossed with a creamy dressing and scallions on a slice of baguette.

The porch sits on the second floor of the house that was built 70+ years ago by my great-grandfather.  It is high enough to have a fine view of the water and the mountains.  We sit up there and admire the view, take in the sunset and people coming and going along the elevated path in front of the house.

Some nights the porch party is less than an hour, an opportunity to catch up at the end of the day before sitting down to dinner as a family.  Some nights it is dinner and stretches on for two or three hours until the sun sets and the air begins to cool.  The platters are mixture of things we prepare and foods bought at the gourmet Italian market and bakeries in town.  Bella stayed up long enough to enjoy a few porch parties this summer, making us four generations of Strong* women enjoying the view at once.

All of the prepared foods, bread, cheeses, meats and chocolates were found at Delitalia Fine Foods in Ocean Park, BC.  The owners are knowledgeable and charming, brimming with wonderful suggestions. The Spicy Fennel Salami was from Moccia Urbani Salumeria in Vancouver. The beautiful Milk Chocolate Caramels with Smoked Sea Salt were from Fran’s Chocolates in Seattle.  Both brands are carried at Delitalia.

* My grandmother’s maiden name was Strong.



2 Responses to “Porch Party!”

  1. b October 13, 2011 at 3:54 pm #

    This looks amazing!! So jealous!

    • heavycake October 28, 2011 at 8:53 am #

      Next time I am in Cayman we will do a porch party at your place!

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