Roasted Red Peppers

16 Jul

I have this dream.  I want to make everything that we eat from scratch.   This weekend I added one more thing to the list.  Roasted Red Peppers.  This isn’t really a huge achievement as it takes very little time and effort but the results were awesome and if you happen to pick up 5 lbs of red peppers at the market like we did, this is a great way to preserve them for a few weeks.

I roasted the peppers on the grill.  You can do it in a very hot oven – 400 degrees+ or if you have a gas stove, over the open flame of a burner.  The grill is definetly the easiest of the three options and there is no clean up.

Turn your grill up as high as it can go.  Clean your peppers well.  Remove any stickers etc.  Put the peppers on the grill, close the top.  Go back into the house and pour yourself a glass of wine.  Come back out and check on the peppers.  The goal is for them to be blistered and blackened all over.  Keep turning until this happens.  When they are done put them in bowl and cover it very tightly with plastic wrap and set aside until they have cooled enough to handle.  The peppers will steam as they cool, collapsing in on themselves and the blistered skin will pull away from the flesh.   Use your fingers to remove the skin, stem and seeds.  Whatever you do, do not rinse the peppers in water, you will lose that smoky flavor you worked so hard on developing.

I used some that night on pizza with ricotta.  The dough is homemade, the ricotta is not.  It didn’t last long enough to take pictures of it after it came out of the oven.  The rest I covered with olive oil and some thyme to use this week.  The oil will be great in salad dressings


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